The BBGLO® (Product of Golden Nest Inc) series contains collagen pertides that are clinically proven to help improve skin function. The peptides increase skin's hydration, density, elasticity, and can reduce cellulite along with the appearance of wrinkles. The key is rejuvenating the skin from the inside. By breaking down collagen protiens into a more basic form of peptides, it allows the body to absorb the nutrients more fully, thus the health effects are at their most beneficial. There are three variations of this shot, each specially formulated to achieve specific results: BBGLO® Original, BBGLO® Joints, and BBGLO® Relaxation.


Incorperated in 2006, HealthVerve is a food manufacturer specializing in gourmet beverages, soups, and high value food. Located in sunny Southern California, we started as a niche manufacturer for ethnic-focused shelf stable food and beverages, and have since matured to manufacture different kinds of products in our FDA and State of California Cannery Inspected facility. We fuse our expert knowledge in healthy exotic Asian ingredients that have been hailed for centuries, with ultra-premium Western ingredients that are backed by high level clinical and strong scientific data, to formulate the next generation of functional beverages.